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DAS Auditors enjoy diversity in audit size, structure, industry, and location.  Our Auditors are exposed continuously to new industries, accounting systems, criterion, people, and cultures.  


Today you may be auditing one of the largest financial institutions on behalf of 7 states, tomorrow an international oil and gas juggernaut.  If you are tired of monotony, crave independence, looking for a challenge, and are seeking a skillset rare throughout the accounting realm, then DAS is your opportunity.  


DAS's salary and incentive plan offers the opportunity to benefit financially from individual and team excellence and offers health, dental, cafeteria plans, personal days, paid holidays, and 401K benefits.


  • Salary pay

  • Profit sharing

  • Health

  • Dental

  • Cafeteria plan

  • Personal days

  • Paid holiday

  • 401K with company match

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